I’m a regular guest reviewer on Cinema Eclectica, The Geek Show’s movie podcast. We talk about the newest, oldest and cultiest movies. New episode every Thursday.

Heads! is a documentary film by Graham Deans Williamson, about the mysterious “Hexham heads”. I was involved in the film’s production and designed the poster and branding. At the moment the only way to see the film itself is at a film festival. Meanwhile: check out the trailer, and Facebook, Twitter, and this episode of Paranormal Podcast. A website for the film itself is under construction.

Zombie LARP, a live-action survival-horror game-event run by SrsBsns Games. I was artistic director, responsible for most of the in-game artwork, design, and promotional materials.

Flavius the Bear, a despicable Twitter bear of my acquaintance.

Sorcerers of War, a book that I ghostwrote and edited for a client.

Cult of the Golden Scarab and The Door To Saturn – unofficial expansion sets for the boardgame Arkham Horror, made using Chris Jennings’ Strange Eons.